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Re: Sean Hannity wins syndication deal

Richard Chonak wrote,

RC> For East Coast stations, I'm not sure that bumping a local
RC> drive-time show (e.g., WMAL's Chris Core) is a good idea.

Ah, wasn't that the same tune being played when Imus & Stern
started their morning drive-time syndications?

Separately, Mark wrote,

M> RKO could potentially place all three ABC
M> drive shows in its line-up.(with Howie
M> live;Albom and Hannity on TD). They might have
M> to find new (later) time for Dr.Laura on the schedule
M> or perhaps cut her loose altogether

My guess/suggestion is:  Bump Qr. Laura back to 9-Noon (the Divas
are done diving P=), Rush stays Noon-3pm, Hannity runs from 3-7pm,
move Howie to 7-10/Midnite (against 'BZ's Brudnuy and maybe Sullivan),
then Albom and, finally, Space Shot.