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RE: GE SuperRadios

When my family went to Virginia this summer, we were able to listen to the
Yankees on 770 past Harrisburg (Basically because there was nothing else TO
listen to.. they dont like my music)> My parents both have Fords.. my dad
has an Explorer and my mom a Windstar. They are pretty good radios in there,
every once in a while I DX in there because the radio is more precise than
the ones in our house. Our in-house radio is pretty good too.. other radios
would never let me get a radiostation on 94.3 when I'm DXing because I'm 3
miles away from WMAS.. but that one does.. theats how  I got the "Island 94
3" station this morning.


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>My new car (a Honda Accord) has one of those new-fangled
>antenna-in-the-rear-window jobs.  I don't yet have enough experience
>with it to compare with the traditional whip.

I also have the Accord and am VERY happy with the radio/antenna in it; for
DX it's the best I've ever had.  Here in Harrisburg PA I've no trouble
hearing the biggies out of New York on AM (660, 770, 880 et cetera)- And
it's VERY quiet which, truth be told, is about 60% of DXing.  I'd rather
have a so-so radio in a noise-free environment than the other way round.

I also own the DX 398 and had a great time while on vacation last week near
Skowhegan, Maine.  Was able to listen all hours to CBC 2 out of Fredericton,
NB on 101.5 and K-100 (100.5) in St. John- also heard lots of French but my
FM atlas isn't completely up to date on all the AM-to-FM moves in Canada so
was not able to confirm all the catches.  The best had to be getting 97.7
out of Montreal.  Having read some other posts here I understand there was
some tropo going on, but nevertheless I'm satisfied.

My main FM machine however is a Henry Kloss model 88 (from Cambridge
Soundworks) hooked up to Radio Shack's FM outdoor antenna.  Living in a town
house (radio salary) I've put the antenna in the attic.  Great stuff!
Depending on the antenna's direction I have no trouble hearing DC or Philly,
about 90-to-110 miles' distance.

Bill Mead

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