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RE: GE SuperRadios

>My new car (a Honda Accord) has one of those new-fangled
>antenna-in-the-rear-window jobs.  I don't yet have enough experience
>with it to compare with the traditional whip.

I also have the Accord and am VERY happy with the radio/antenna in it; for 
DX it's the best I've ever had.  Here in Harrisburg PA I've no trouble 
hearing the biggies out of New York on AM (660, 770, 880 et cetera)- And 
it's VERY quiet which, truth be told, is about 60% of DXing.  I'd rather 
have a so-so radio in a noise-free environment than the other way round.

I also own the DX 398 and had a great time while on vacation last week near 
Skowhegan, Maine.  Was able to listen all hours to CBC 2 out of Fredericton, 
NB on 101.5 and K-100 (100.5) in St. John- also heard lots of French but my 
FM atlas isn't completely up to date on all the AM-to-FM moves in Canada so 
was not able to confirm all the catches.  The best had to be getting 97.7 
out of Montreal.  Having read some other posts here I understand there was 
some tropo going on, but nevertheless I'm satisfied.

My main FM machine however is a Henry Kloss model 88 (from Cambridge 
Soundworks) hooked up to Radio Shack's FM outdoor antenna.  Living in a town 
house (radio salary) I've put the antenna in the attic.  Great stuff!  
Depending on the antenna's direction I have no trouble hearing DC or Philly, 
about 90-to-110 miles' distance.

Bill Mead

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