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An interesting morning in Radio DXing.....

Was getting many stations I have never logged before or rarely get this

- WWBB 101.5 Providence
- WRNQ 92.1 Poughkeepsie
- WBRU 95.5 Providence
- WWLI 105.1 Providence
- WBAZ 102.5 Long Island
- WMJC 94.3 Long Island
- WBEA 101.7 Long Island
- WDRE 98.7 Long Island
- WALK 97.5 Long Island
- WGNA 107.7 Albany

For A while, WEBE, WKCI and WEZN were coming in like local stations.. until
WKCI mysteriously disappeared, and WEBE/WEZN were coming in awful.. WKCI is
a regular here, and it never does that on me. Later this afternoon when the
thunderstorms are over the Hudson Valley I'll try and get stations from
there then.


Adam Rivers
Chicopee, MA
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