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Re: this week in review....

Actually, the number of butts in seats (BIS factor) has not changed.  The
fact is that they are all coming in the first week of a movie at the higher
%.  The other side effect is that the B movies now no longer profit from the
overflow from the A movies and they die faster.

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> Brian explains:
> Until fairly recently, a
> > typical contract would be 2 weeks @ 70%, 2 weeks @ 60%, balance @
> 55%.
> > Until this practice was made unprofitable by an over abundance of
> screens,
> > many theatre owners would open a "Star Wars" type movie in a 250
> seat house
> > (as opposed to a 500 seat theatre or multiple houses in interlock)
> and
> > deliberately sell out knowing that patrons arriving for "Star Wars"
> and
> > finding it sold out would likely stay for the "slasher" movie that
> had seats
> > available at 35%.
> So....now, moviegoers get to see the top flicks faster, the house
> takes in less of the gross despite more butts in the seats?  <sarcasm
> mode ON> Sort of like a local station "keeping" quality and ratings
> down just to keep ad rates at levels that even's Joey's House of Pizza
> can enjoy.  Ya....that's the ticket.  "We stink so you can afford us."
> I like it. <sarcasm mode OFF>
> Bill O'Neill (Who intentionally blunders often each day, just so that
> the average guy can relate to me.  That's my story and....)