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Re: this week in review....

Brian explains:
Until fairly recently, a
> typical contract would be 2 weeks @ 70%, 2 weeks @ 60%, balance @
> Until this practice was made unprofitable by an over abundance of
> many theatre owners would open a "Star Wars" type movie in a 250
seat house
> (as opposed to a 500 seat theatre or multiple houses in interlock)
> deliberately sell out knowing that patrons arriving for "Star Wars"
> finding it sold out would likely stay for the "slasher" movie that
had seats
> available at 35%.

So....now, moviegoers get to see the top flicks faster, the house
takes in less of the gross despite more butts in the seats?  <sarcasm
mode ON> Sort of like a local station "keeping" quality and ratings
down just to keep ad rates at levels that even's Joey's House of Pizza
can enjoy.  Ya....that's the ticket.  "We stink so you can afford us."
I like it. <sarcasm mode OFF>

Bill O'Neill (Who intentionally blunders often each day, just so that
the average guy can relate to me.  That's my story and....)