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RE: Radio DXing question

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, A. Joseph Ross wrote:

> I seem to recall that Bob Bittner, aka Jibguy, once had some really 
> good AM radios for sale by mail.  He wouldn't say on air what kind they 
> were, but I assumed they were GE Superradios.

Is he still selling them?  

By the way, does anyone remember Emerson's answer to GE's Superradio-2 in
the 1980s?  It was called the Ultraradio. Not kidding!!

I found one of these little suckers in a junk-store on Canal Street here
in Chinatown.  The guy wanted 5$ for it.  I talked him down to 3$ because
the volume pot needed extreme cleaning.  When I took it home, I sprayed
some cleaning spray in the pot which revived it.  To my chagrin, the AM
didn't work.  Took me two days of poking around a circuit board (with a
repaired crack in it) to find the broken solder joints (across a mica 
capacitor) to revive it.  

I was surprised -- the AM tuner is actually pretty good for what was an
obvious cheap-o knock-off on the Superradio 2.  I was able to pick up some
of the clear channels on it one night pretty well.  The sound however is
flat and tinny...nothing to write home about.

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