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Re: WUNR ratings et al

> On 22 Aug 2001, at 18:14, pete lee wrote:
> > I also once worked at WUNR. I recall that once the WUNR afternoon
> > Spanish-language show did an 0.7 while then-sister station WBOS
(which had
> > just changed to chicken-AC from disco) did 0.3 during the same
time slot -
> > same book.
Then Joseph Ross asked:

> What's chicken-AC?

Didn't Frank Purdue have something to do with that, CLUK?  (Or was it
Ernie Boch <g>)  My guess is it's adult contemporary that sticks to
the "safe, top-10, and then only if it so recognized you know all the
words" format.

Bill O'Neill