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Re: WCVT - WCRB (was: Heat Wave Triggers ...)

<<On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 16:24:27 -0400, "Sean Smyth" <Sportswriter@dejazzd.com> said:

> Someone said that the station is owned by Ken Squire, who used to be a
> sportscaster for CBS Sports (announced the Daytona 500 annually). 

I don't know if Ken Squier owns WCVT; I do know that he owns (or is at
least a part owner of) Radio Vermont, Inc., which owns WDEV Waterbury
and WDEV-FM Warren.  I would not be surprised if Radio Vermont also
owned WCVT; it's in the right place for it and ISTR a report in NERW
about them buying another station.  (And I'm too lazy to search the
archives for the evidence.)