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Re: Salem State Radio Station? (Was: Re: WMWM

I am a DJ at WMWM and not part of station management
but am slightly aware of the situation. We had 2 DJs
who were doing Howard Stern-like stunts on air.
They broke some rules and have admitted doing so.
Apparently they felt they could say or play whatever
they want. Needless to say, a station like WMWM
can't afford powerful lawyers like Howard can... and
if they went too far, we could lose our license.
And if that happened, it's gone. Forever.

Personally, as someone who has put in 20 + years
at WMWM, I wouldn't want us to lose our license
because of a couple of Stern wanna-bes. I don't
remember too much of the details (there was a write-up
in the Salem News, indeed) but I think they were
booted because they broke more than a few station
regulations. Maybe they feel their rights were
being trampled on, but as for me, I'd rather have
station management being cautious about such stuff,
instead of us risking losing our license. 

--- Joseph Pappalardo <joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com>
> mentioned that they worked
> at the "Salem State Radio Station"...and that they
> "were fired over a
> disagreement with station management".

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