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Re: WOTW Calls Returning to Nashua NH?

Mark Watson wrote:
>   I wonder if Ernie will change format along with the call letter change
>(if the call change rumor is true)? IIRC, most if not all of Ernie's other
>stations in New York state have a music format (standards, I believe) and
>also have more local content than birdfeed. That may attract more listeners
>and advertisers to (quoting Nashua radio legend 'Big Moe" Maury Parent) 900
>on your radio dial in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Yeah, right.  His tenure at WSMN showed he really knew how to bring in the
advertising dollars.  The only ads I ever heard were for a car dealership
(Tulley Buick?) and the tire place on W. Hollis St...if I'm not mistaken
owners of both businesses were also investors in 1590 Broadcasting.

As far as doing a Standards format...WFEA, while bird-fed has a good signal
in Nashua and has been doing that format for 10 years.