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Re: WOTW Calls Returning to Nashua NH?

   Steve Ordinetz wrote:

>If he wants to return 900 to its original call
> letters--why not, it can't hurt any--hardly anyone listens >anyway and it
> won't cost him that much.

   I wonder if Ernie will change format along with the call letter change
(if the call change rumor is true)? IIRC, most if not all of Ernie's other
stations in New York state have a music format (standards, I believe) and
also have more local content than birdfeed. That may attract more listeners
and advertisers to (quoting Nashua radio legend 'Big Moe" Maury Parent) 900
on your radio dial in Nashua, New Hampshire.

  Speaking of Big Moe, Ernie Anastos started his career working for Big Moe.
Now years later, Big Moe will be working for Ernie. Interesting how that
turned out.

   Mark Watson