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Re: WOTW Calls Returning to Nashua NH?

Dave F. re: a WOTW Lowell studio:
> I seem to remember them talking about it as "back in the old days", I
> don't know when they actually did it or how successful it was (or wasn't)
>  I would guess it was no more successful than WCCM's current attempts to
> crack the Lowell market by setting up a "studio" in a storefront
> downtown.  Maybe someone like Dan Guy remembers.

I can understand why it may not have been successful then -- local radio was
strong in Lowell. But why not now? Nashua's not THAT far away. Beside,
wouldn't now be a good time to try cracking into Lowell? With the demise of
WLLH and only one local English language station, I would think 900 could be
somewhat effective -- and I would think Lowellites would rather identify
with a Nashua station than one from Lahrance.

Or am I totally up the creek?