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The Scope of this Listserv

I'm not the moderator of this list (and am eternally grateful for that),
but I did help to found the darned thing, so I feel compelled to toss
in a few comments here:

-Sven, you're correct that NERW covers a somewhat broader area than 
b-r-i's stated mission includes. NERW now covers all of New England,
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and adjacent bits of Ohio, WV,
Maryland and Delaware as the urge strikes me -- plus most of Ontario,
Quebec, NB, NS and PEI. If I ever get the opportunity to visit 
Nfld and St. Pierre et Miquelon, I just may begin covering them too. 
Hey, it's my column, I make the rules...

That said, there's a lot of overlap between Boston radio and the
wider region. Some of us who once toiled on the Beantown airwaves have
moved away but still use the list to keep up with what's happening
in the Hub. Some of us like to keep track of those who have left 
Boston for greener pastures. A lot of people here do a lot of traveling
down the Bosnywash corridor and thus have an interest in what's happening
along the way. And of course, anyone who's done any FM DX at all in 
eastern New England knows that as soon as the trops come up, what you 
hear is Long Island, the Jersey Shore, and Delmarva (or, if it's going
the other way, Halifax :-)

-Adam, you're right about the "official" scope of the list, but you
know what? It really is Garrett's list, and he's really the moderator,
not you. Certainly there's been grumbling in the past about what some
have perceived as being heavy-handed moderation, but out of all the 
many lists I'm on, this one consistently has the highest signal-to-noise
ratio and the lowest amount of flame activity, so Garrett's doing something
right. Everyone on this list was 13 once, and many of us were passionate
about radio even then. But I certainly didn't know everything at that age, 
and I see in retrospect how much can be gained by sitting back and listening
to what the geezers have to say. You just might learn something...

(And if you really can't stand the mix of topics on this list, you'll
find other message boards and mailing lists out there, radio-info.com
for instance -- but I can personally guarantee that they don't have
anywhere near the amount of intelligent discourse we enjoy on b-r-i.)

-Garrett, I'd like to know how you logged Block Island on 95.3! I
think you mean 99.3, which would also be the likely source of your
listed non-ID on that channel :-)