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WMVU-AM 900 Nashua, NH On Air All-night at Daytime Power

Thursday night (08/16) I happened to notice that WMVU-AM 900 in Nashua
NH was still on the air with daytime power after 9:00 pm.  Like WCCM-AM 800
in Lawrence, it's authorized to be on the air at night but with reduced
power.  I checked again late Friday night and again in the early am on 
Saturday....it was still on and booming with its 1000-or-so watts NDA.
Oddly, on the hour at 11:00 pm, they didn't carry "USA News" but a
repeating sounder and the message: "WOR Network resumes feed at 6-40 
after the hour".
Is this happening under the previous ownership or the announced NEW

Laurence glavin
Methuen, MA

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