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Re: CNN anchor endorses satellite over cable

On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, A. Joseph Ross wrote:

> On 16 Aug 2001, at 0:59, Jeremy Mixer wrote:
> > WHile yes, I agree that it is risky editorializing, I still can't agree
> > that anyone who works for CNN, or any other subsidary of Time-Warner, does
> > not realize that they are owned by Time-Warner.
> It's now AOL-Time-Warner.  And I would expect CNN personnel to
> know, simply because whenever they report on news affecting the
> company, they state that it is "the parent company of this network."
> But they may not necessarily realize that AOL-Time-Warner owns cable
> systems.

But aren't they one of the largest cable companies in  the United States?
I knew that they were a cable company years ago when I was 18 years old.
I'm not a cable guy, I'm a radio geek! I had thought they were one of the
best known cable operators out there.

Maybe I am wrong.....won't be the first time....

There was a big discussion about porography and whether it was right or
wrong on this BBS called Harbourr Lights in Kennebunkport that I was on
when I was 10-12 years old or so. I decided to put my 2 cents in. So I
wrote this big long thing about phonography and what was morally right and
wrong about it. Like Emily Litela and the Deaf Penalty.....