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RE: Coverage of Williams firing

It really was a good move. But I had to watch Boston news, as no Springfield
stations seemed to care about it. It was really weird. Hopefully we aren't
becoming Yankee country out here.. but can they fire Sean and Jerry for


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Subject: Coverage of Williams firing

Both Sean McDonough and Jerry Remy have been very critical of the firing of
Jimy Williams during the Red Sox game tonight.  They had Dan Duquette on for
one-half inning and were polite in their questioning and let him have his
say.  For the last three innings, they have blasted the Sox for the move.
I'm sure the Sox aren't pleased.

I tuned into WBZ at 3:00 PM before the press conference started.  They had a
sports reporter at the conference and had the news anchor, who I think was
Deb Lawlor, questioning the reporter.  In a short three minute spots, she
asked all the right questions and put the move in the proper context.  Very

Locally, The Big Jab stations cut away from the Sporting News Radio Network
and picked up the press conference live.  The co-hosts of the mornings how
were then on live and took a few calls before getting back to regular
programming.  Very smart on their part as the local Sox affiliate.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine