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Re: CNN anchor endorses satellite over cable

On Wed, 15 Aug 2001 Jibguy@aol.com wrote:

> Good point from Dan.   We older-timers sometime assume that TV news anchors
> still actually KNOW about things they're reporting (something that commonly
> occurred pre-1985 or so).  It IS very possible that these anchors are so
> oblivious to the world that they may not have realized that CNN is owned by
> one of "those companies".

Hi jibguy and fellow BRI'ers-

with all due respect, how do you think people that work for CNN don't know
who their parent company is? I can understand where you are coming from,
but I don't understand how people in a position like that can be so
ignorant to the fact that they don't even know whoowns the company they
work for. I mean, I have two jobs, one of them is for WKIT which is owned
by Stephen King, the other is delivering pizza (part time radio doesn't
pay the bills) for the Bangor Pizza Hut which is owned by Capital
Enterprises, a large franchisee of the pizza Hut chain and owner of most
pizza huts in new england. I used to work at a station owned by Cumulus.

I didn't go out of my way to realize any of this. Long before I worked at
WKIT I knew it was owned by Stephen King. I hear enough about Capital
Enterprises in Whichita, KS to know that they are the owners of pizza hut.
And Cumulus....well everything including the handle to flush the toilet
is labeled "owned by Cumulus" :)

I really think that the main point is the fact that CNN, while owned by
Time-Warner, is distributed by ot only other cable comnpanies, but
satellite companies as well....all competitors to Time Warner.

It's like Clear Channel owning Premier.....even their competitors use
premier services.....while I don't expect this to remain past the next
contract, WKIT still carries "Rockline" even though it is owned by
Premier, which is in turn owned by Clear Channel....therefor teh
competition will probably pick it up next time around.

On Saturday Night Live they often poke fun at NBC.

On Letterman, Leno, etc they often promote shows on competing networks

WHile yes, I agree that it is risky editorializing, I still can't agree
that anyone who works for CNN, or any other subsidary of Time-Warner, does
not realize that they are owned by Time-Warner.

just my two cents,