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Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

<<On Tue, 14 Aug 2001 12:13:12 EDT, WEAFNY@aol.com said:

> 6. Old WPAT Patterson, NJ located of the Garden State Parkway.  Good example 
> of tophat towers.  Can be easily seen from the Parkway.  Probably will not be 
> torn down as the area is wetland or so I was told by the engineer.

Still WPAT.

> 7. KMOX St. Louis, MO.  Only from the point of view in that it is WBBM's old 
> tower, replacing wire antenna sometime after WW II.  

Not any more.

> 8. WHAM Rochester, NY & WMBI Chicago, IL & WGY Schenectady, NY. These were 
> also Blaw-Knox pre-WW II but bulky and straight. 

WMBI is also brand-new.  See last week's Tower Site of the Week.