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Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

1. WSM Nashville, TN.  Blaw-Knox true diamond built around 1935 with the 
grounds meticulously kept.

2. WLW Cincinnati, OH. Same as above but has remnants of the old cooling pond 
used when       the station transmitted at 500 kW.  Also has pillbox guard 
house and brick wall around base insulator to protect it from sabotage during 
WW II.  As Hitler specifically mentioned taking out Crosley, the owner.

3. Antenna farm for all the TV stations in Denver, CO. Located on top of 
Lookout Mountain, the view of Golden, Denver and the Great Plains as a 
backdrop for the towers is nothing short of spectacular.  

4. Defunct graveyard KTRC in downtown Santa Fe, NM.  Located in the heart of 
the city and meticulously cared for the last time I saw it five years ago.  

5. WFAN-WCBS on High Island of City Island, Bronx, NY.  It was constructed in 
the late fifties and was one of the first dual transmitter facilities feeding 
one tower.  

6. Old WPAT Patterson, NJ located of the Garden State Parkway.  Good example 
of tophat towers.  Can be easily seen from the Parkway.  Probably will not be 
torn down as the area is wetland or so I was told by the engineer.

7. KMOX St. Louis, MO.  Only from the point of view in that it is WBBM's old 
tower, replacing wire antenna sometime after WW II.  

8. WHAM Rochester, NY & WMBI Chicago, IL & WGY Schenectady, NY. These were 
also Blaw-Knox pre-WW II but bulky and straight. 

9. Mt Washington, NH antenna farm.  One of the towers dates to the 1930's.

10. WADO (old calls) 1270 New York.  The old installation was WNEW's tower 
which was an ersatz diamond shape.  This installation probably no longer 

Most of the really neat i.e. old installations had been removed by the late 
sixties.  But there are still pictures around.  WLW still has pictures of 
their suppressor tower that was used to meet international treaty 
requirements restricting its signal strength at the Canadian border when they 
were blowing 500KW.