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Re: SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since at least late 1968, that WAS the song used by NE Dragway, the
Meadowlands, Orange County Speedway and CT Dragway.  They may have used
other music for different "flights" of spots, but the prime music was from
"Gimme Gimme Good Lovin".  I was there when Sal (WRKO tech) did the master -
it was from only one channel of the stereo track (I forget which one).  We
recut the bed digitally about 5 years ago and it is still used today by 3 or
4 places around the country.


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> Gary wrote:
> >
> >The music used for the spots over years came from the song "Gimme Gimme
> >Lovin'" by Crazy Elephant.
> >
> Not in the NE Dragway spots I remember.  I'm pretty sure the spots
> that song.  I have an aircheck of WFEA from 1970 where there's a NE
> spot, tho I remember hearing it on WRKO a good year+ earlier.  Somewhere I
> have a dub of the bed that was used...under the music it sounds like
> someone saying "who's got the football?" or something like that.  I always
> thought it was a perfect bed for a dragstrip spot.
> Many WRKO jocks voiced those spots including Gary Martin & Dale Dorman.