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Re: Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

What has to be a wonderful AM site in CA is almost brand 
new (built but no license to cover has yet been 
granted). Infinity's KMJ Fresno, which used to be (well, 
still officially is) 580 kHz 5 kW ND-U from a site west 
of Fresno is moving about 40 miles to a site east of 
Fresno and increasing to 50 kW-U DA-1 using four almost 
half-wave towers in a parallelogram array. The towers 
are, I believe, 840' high. I'd like to see pictures. I 
think the site is in high desert with mountains not far 
away to the east.

In total height, KMJ's towers still don't equal the 
number of feet of steel in the air at KENR (or is it ex-
KENR?) in Houston. Far as I can tell, this is the record 
holder for feet of steel in the air among US AM's. Nine 
210-degree towers at 1070 (each tower is 530' high) plus 
two shorter ones. Very close to a mile of steel total.

> <<On Mon, 13 Aug 2001 14:15:32 -0400, "Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr." 
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> > What are some of the most impressive tower farms or tower sites you tower
> > hunters have ever been to or seen?