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RE: Lydon to fill in on WTKK

Oh great, we're going to have Lydon on a commercial station...
Will McDonough and the Tuna co-hosting a show??!! That ought to be fun...

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF) 

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Today's Globe mentioned that former "Connection"
host Christopher Lydon will be filling in for
Jay Severin (3-7 pm weekdays) on WTKK (96.9) during
weeks of August 20 and 27. Perhaps an audition of
sorts? Now, I haven't really heard Lydon's shows in
the past, but from what I hear, his political opinions
are not quite the same as Severin's. :)

Also did note the article in Globe & Herald about the
hiring of Sean McDonough by WWZN. The Globe also
WWZN may hire ex-Patriots coach Bill Parcells and
have him and writer Will McDonough host a Thursday
afternoon football show during the NFL season;
the show would be carried by the Sporting News
Network as well.

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