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Weird happenings at the Big Jab

On my way home tonight, I tuned in to "The Big Jab" (1440/900/95.5) to hear 
the Sox game.  As it turned out, the game was in a rain delay and they were 
carrying Sox Talk with Ted Sarandis.  

I noticed that the Sox feed was strongest on 900 and very weak on 1440 and 
95.5.  It sounded like 1440 and 95.5 were rebroadcasting the audio from AM 
900.  On "The Morning Jab" this week they said that the station is in the 
process of changing studios.  I'm not sure what JJ is up to, but I remember 
some talk of all his stations moving into the Warren Avenue studios that used 
to be the home of WJBQ and WHOM.  I assume that tonight's problems had 
something to do with these changes.

In the middle of Sox Talk, the programming abruptly change to a talk show 
about music.  In a few seconds, I recognized the program as one of the 
horrible shows that runs weeknights on WMTW so I tuned over to 870 and that's 
what they were carrying.  Somehow, for several minutes, all of JJ's Big Jab 
stations were rebroadcasting WMTW.  How could that happen?  They might have 
been picking up the programming off the air from AM 900 and tuned down to AM 
870 by mistake.  Maybe they were broadcasting from AM 900's old studio's in 
Brunswick while work was being done at the Warren Avenue facility.  Does 
anyone know what was going on?  It was pretty weird.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine