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Re: "Le Show" on Cape stations

Great! Well, WGBH sister stations WCAI and WNAN were
running it Sundays at 11 pm (heard it a couple
months back when visiting my Dad, who lives on
the Cape) so it looks like 'GBH has decided to
put it on their Boston outlet as well!

According to the Harry Shearer web site:
"New! Le Show is now on shortwave! Tune in
WBCQ, 7415 MHz, Sunday evenings, 7-8 PM (ET)"
(sic... shouldn't that be 7.415 MHz? or 7415 kHz?)

Also I noticed archived editions of the show were
available on the KCRW site (http://www.kcrw.org ) 

--- PWerlin@aol.com wrote:
> I just got my WGBH program guide and apparently it
> is now on WGBH radio 89.7  
> Sunday nights at 11 PM.  
> Do you happen to know when it is on WBCQ?
> phyllis

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