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Re: Paul Harvey/Sam Donaldson

I actually find Dr. Laura obnoxious all the time.  I've never understand her

As for Rush: Rush is right!

Another thought on Donaldson: When Brinkley retired, "This Week" was a
strong #2 in the ratings of the Sunday morning talk shows.  Since Donaldson
and Roberts took over, the show has slipped to #3 in the ratings.  I think
it has a lot to do with Donaldson.  He was entertaining on the panel
debating George Will.  As a host, he gets old fast.

I did listen a couple of times when he was filling in for Paul Harvey.  I
thought he did pretty well in that role.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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> Dan said (heh he he heh heh) Rush and Dr.Laura AND worst
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