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RE: WEVD sale

In a message dated Thu, 28 Jun 2001  7:48:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Mark <bostonradio@yahoo.com> writes:

<< According to NY print media, the reason Disney/ABC is in such
a hurry to make a deal for WEVD is because they're
feeling the heat from Paul Allen who's very much interested
in the Yankees radio package to build around his SNR station. >>

Good stuff, Mark. 

I am sure one of the other things which is driving this
 is the fact that the Yankees are breaking away from
 Madison Square Garden (MSG) Network and forming their
 own cable channel. (At least they won't get shoved
 onto the Metro channel which everyone seems to
 complain about for the occasional game.) For those who
 didn't hear, YankeesNets (also owners of the Devils)
 recently opted out of their contract with MSG to start
 their own TV network, a la NESN. MSG also owns the
 Yankees' radio rights, which I presume were tied into
 this deal. If such were the case, it would mean the
 Yankee radio rights would be up for grabs for the
 first time in quite a while. Steinbrenner and Company
 surely don't care about signal problems, etc.; they're
 going to the highest bidder. The Devils currently
 purchase air time on WABC or WQEW for their games,
 from what I understand, since they can't get a radio
 deal at all. It all sounds VERY interesting.

I wonder what Uncle Mel will do about WFAN game
 overflow, which currently usually finds its way to
 1050. Some of the overflow is ESPN Radio stuff (i.e.
 NBA Finals, Sunday Night Baseball), therefore that
 would likely remain on 1050 -- unless it had an event
 of its own.

At least here 200 miles southwest of NYC, I can't get
 decent signals day or night for any of the big NY
 stations, especially WEVD. The best signal I get is
 usually WQEW.