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Re: Today's LTAR

There was a pirate on 1700 (the Spanish language one)
and also one on 1680, but _something_ was causing
interference to 850. Whether it was either pirate or a
different station, I'm not sure. I know towers were
nearby for 590 and 1430 (both near Wellington
Station, right?) so maybe it was one of them.

I thought you could get interference on "half" or
"twice" the frequency from a harmonic if you're in the
region of the transmitter. For example, when in
Burlington, I was picking up WRKO (680) on 1360 as
well, and I think once I was in Lynn near the WLYN
tower and it was splattering part of their signal
onto 680...Maybe just a cheap car radio...?

. Anyhow, this effect would
> occur if the pirate
> signal were on 1750 or 1760, not on 1680.

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