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Carroll O'Connor and John Lee Hooker pass on

The actor who played Archie Bunker on the landmark
CBS-TV series "All in the Family", Carroll O'Connor,
has died of a heart attack at the age of 76. O'Connor
was also in several films plus TV's "In The Heat of
the Night" and recently was an anti-drug crusader
following the death of his son Hugh. A tremendous
actor who, offstage, did not share the bluster and
politics of the character for whom he was best

Also, blues DJs (like myself) mourn the passing of
a true musical legend; the king of the boogie, John
Lee Hooker. Was able to interview John Lee about 7
years ago thanks to "a friend of a friend"-- he was a 
true gentleman and great talent who influenced many.
In recent years he did duets with the likes of
Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt, and B.B. King. Expect
more than a few tributes to him on blues radio shows
this weekend.

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