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First "Pirate" to Simulcast on AM and FM?

For the past couple of years, a Spanish-language "religious"
station has been broadcasting on 1670 in the Lawrence-
Methuen-Haverhill area.  I couldn't really tell whether
it was a "pirate" station or a legal broadcaster like
Allston-Brighton Free Radio because I had no idea 
where it was.  There are many 'iglesias' in Lawrence and
vicinity that could be the source.  Now they have begun
simulcasting on 88.3 FM, and I'm SURE that's a pirate
because they're operating on the same frequency as 
WBMT, the radio station of Masconomet Regional H.S. in
Boxford, MA just a dozen or so miles away.  WBMT is 
not on the air all the time, so this unlicensed 
operation on 88.3 travelled south of Dascomb Rd on
rt. 93 on my way to work with no intereference until 
its signal dissipated.  It doesn't seem to go very far
north either, so I would place it in Lawrence or Haverhill.
Sounds like a job for Pirate Man!

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA

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