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RE: BBC WS stops shortwave broadcasts to US

I guess the BBC thinks that Internet streaming and the public broadcasters
that re-broadcast the World Service is a good substitute for SW broacasting.
IMHO they are wrong.

Internet streaming requires that the listner be at or near a computer and
modem, and have the proper streaming media client installed.

And of course the public radio stations don't air the BBC full time.

Where as with shortwave, in my case at least, during the times when WBUR
isn't airing the BBC, I could always carry around my tiny ICOM IC-R2, if I
wanted to and pick up the BBC SW service on that. No computer, no modem, no
streaming media client required. Or no waiting until late night when WBUR
airs the BBC.

But what the hey, I don't calim to know any better than the BBC's bean
counters, I guess

73 de Hakim, (N1ZFF)
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An item in today's "Ask the Globe" in the Boston
Globe mentions that as of June 30, the BBC World
Service will no longer broadcast its shortwave
transmissions to the US, Canada, and several other
countries. The BBC is finding it more cost-effective
to broadcast over the internet plus many public
stations air BBC WS programs.

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