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WCAP shocking moments in thier broadcast history, according to me...

While home in Lowell this weekend, I believe I heard that WCAP's new
automation is in the process of being installed. Wow, to think that WCAP is
entering a new age with high tech equipment.... I'm afraid to wonder what's

Does anyone remember the time when WCAP 980 played the B side of the
Beatles' Abbey Road album (during regular business hours during the week)? I
was shocked then too!

Ron Gitschier

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> Subject:	RE: Enhanced AM
> Actually, chances are that the reverb effect was not fed to line outputs
> of
> the Marantz Amp/Receiver or whatever.
> As I have mentioned numerous eletronics retaliers sold such reverb units
> in
> the 60s. I remember even Popular Electronics had a construction article on
> one.
> 73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)
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> I once house-sat for someone in Seattle the mid 80s whose Marantz stereo
> system seemed to be from the late 60s. The reciever had a reverb option,
> which seemed to be of the same construction of what has been mentioned
> here
> - audio fed into tensioned springs. It was neat to play around with for a
> while but grew a bit old. Hmm, should of made airchecks of AM music
> stations
> with the reverb on just for fun.