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Re: Globe: Severin live but not local

If I can quote one of my co-workers perspectives on the article:

>  Do all of the Globe correspondents drive to NY and hand in their
> copy when their parent company asks them to do a piece for the
>  Sunday Times?


> Will the Globe begin printing the zipcode in which the reporter was
> sitting when he/she wrote material that later appeared in the paper?

>  What does it matter, really?


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> It's pretty rich for a columnist from the Globe (which is of course 100%
> by the NEW YORK Times Company) to complain about a "Boston" media entity
> based in NY much of the time.  In any event his rant says more about Beam
> his thin-skinned colleagues than about Severin or WTKK management.
> Take care,
> Chris, who *would* be listening to Severin if WTKK hadn't pulled the plug
on its
> live stream a few weeks ago...

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