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Re: WABI/WWBX sale dismissed by FCC

On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr. wrote:

> In today's actions,
> The FCC has rejected the sale of WABI(AM) 910/WWBX 97.1 Bangor from Gopher
> Hill Communications to ClearChannel licenses Inc. According to the FCC it
> was "Dismissed for non-compliance with the multiple ownership rules"

Well well well....what an interesting turn of events....doesn't suprise me
one bit. I beleive (I am not sure) that I made a post asking if the sale
was even legaql in the first place....I am glad, both for ZoneCorp, for
listeners  of Bangor radio, and even Cumulus to an extent, because the
ownsership of all those stations by Clear Channel would have given them a
terribly unfair advantage over the other two companies in the market....

Forwarded this to a friend of mine who works there and none of the
employees were even aware of this.....just out of curiosity, not that I
don't beleive it, I do..... but where can I find the info on this? Does
anyone know?