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Re: WABI/WWBX sale dismissed by FCC

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Subject: Re: WABI/WWBX sale dismissed by FCC

> This must be a first. My guess is that Clear Channel
> backed out and the FCC decided to take credit. The FCC
> has red-flagged hundreds of proposed transfers for the
> same reason and this is the first one I'm aware of that
> didn't go down because of the FCC's red flag. A few
> deals didn't close, but I don't think the FCC ever took
> credit before. Anyone have any information to the
> contrary?

Weren't most of the red flags due to the Clinton Justice Department's policy
about no company controlling more than 40% of a market's revenues?  That was
an administration policy based on their interpretation of anti-trust laws,
not an FCC rule.  It was not based on statute and I don't believe it was
ever enforced in court.

There is an absolute limit in statute on the number of stations that can be
owned in a market that was included in the 96 Telcom Act.  The limits vary
based on the number of stations in a market.  From my count, Clear Channel
would have been over those limits with the latest proposed purchases, but
Clear Channel was probably arguing that some of their marginal signals are
not part of the Bangor market.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine