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Re: Red Sox Spanish Play By Play

1110 kHz signal in Lowell has more hash than a diner.

Bill O'Neill

> Well I don't know about Lowell, but on my trips up to Salem NH, on
RTE 93,
> past about Reading or so, 'BNW starts to fade out.
> WBNW night signal seems to pretty good, in parts of Lexington. On my
> home on 128 late nights, I can pick the station up pretty well on
the strech
> of 128 between like Winter St in Waltham to about the Wouburn area,
> they start to fade.
> So you think WBNW doesn't switch to night time power/pattern like it
> huh? I'm sure the FCC would be real happy if they found out.
> 73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)
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> I don't think WBNW covers Lowell. Remember that 1110 in Salem NH is
> close by and WBNW's day pattern has a deep null to the north to
> WNNW. As for Framingham, maybe WBNW reaches that town acceptably on
a decent
> radio when the station is running its day pattern and power. At
> WBNW actually switches to its night pattern and power--something
> happens maybe once every couple of weeks--forget about Framingham.
In fact,
> when WBBR is coming in well, the night signal isn't that great in
parts of
> Concord, the COL.
> Speaking of Carribean shows, WBNW carried one (maybe still carries
it) on
> Saturday afternoons for four or five hours. I tuned in once and
heard the
> program host giving directions on how to pick up the station better
> the ac cord around the radio a few times...). Problem with giving
> instructions over the air is that if you can't hear the station, how
do you
> hear the instructions? Everybody who can't hear me, please raise
your hand.
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> Date: Monday, May 28, 2001 10:24 PM
> Subject: Re: Red Sox Spanish Play By Play
> >IIRC, the deal to put the Sox full-time in Spanish this year came a
> bit late in the game, so to speak, and WRCA has some popular
> programming on Saturdays. Thus, the games went to the station which
had some
> available air time: 1120. The funny thing is that there aren't many
> areas which are well-served by 1120's signal, except Lowell and
> Try picking up 1120 in Dorchester, Somerville, or Roxbury on a
normal radio
> and you're likely SOL.