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Re: WLAM is OFF THE AIR according to.....

I think you are being too critical.  WBAE is not being less than honest.
For nearly everyone in WBAE's audience, WLAM is off the air.  There is not
much real overlap of the 1470 and 1490 signals.  Yeah, there is considerable
overlap where radio geeks who have good radios and want to seek out the
signals can pick pick up both, but the listenable overlap for average people
is pretty small.  That's why WLAM was on three signals for so many years.
The real, listenable overlap of 1470 and 1490 is limited to Gray/New
Gloucester and a few sorrounding towns.  Nearly everyone in Greater Portland
that listened to WLAM on 870 or FM can't pick up 1470.  If they could, I
assume they would be listening to WLAM on 1470 instead of WBAE on 1490.

DISCLAIMER:  I work part-time for the company that owns WBAE, but I have
nothing to do with the station, other than it's occassionally playing on the
speakers in the bathroom at 420 Western Avenue.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine