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Re: "J.T. the Brick" to Fox Sports Radio

I've heard the 'KOX to Fox Sports rumor before...it
could work. Thus the Boston area would have three
sports talkers: WEEI (local, with ESPN on nights and
some weekend slots), WWZN (local & Sporting News
Radio), and WKOX (Fox Sports). The demise of JT's
former network, SportsFan, could be a sign that the
country wasn't ready for 4 all-sports networks. 

The Fox Sports site lists WGIR Manchester, NH (and
its sister stations) and WNNZ Westfield/Springfield,
MA among its affiliates. Also WTRY in the Albany

The SportsFan site is still up, with outdated sports
news on it; they obviously stopped updating it once
they knew that their parent company, Winstar, was
declaring Ch. 11 (and the site will still be available
at that domain name until July, when it expires).

Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:

> Which means he could end up back on in the Boston
> area soon on WKOX (1200). 

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