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Re: Headline News


AT&T Digital Cable here in Salem (part of the whole Boston-North Head End), 
has been running "outdoor sports updates", which I'm certain are sponsored, 
in a "Bloomburg looking" screen format during that local part of the hour, 
which seems to be adjacent to the top of the hour.  Too bad, I enjoyed the 
human interest stuff Headline news has in that position.  Nothing like a 
network announcer having to keep from losing it while setting up a package 
on Pig calls or cow tipping.

At 06:52 AM 5/19/2001 -0400, Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:
>I was just watching CNN Headline News this morning, and it seems they've 
>radically changed the format, going back to having two hosts, the clock 
>seems drastically different, and I also saw a spot where they said some 
>viewers would be breaking away for local news. Anyone have the lowdown on 
>all these changes? And are there many cable companies which are actually 
>doing local insertions. (I can tell you SusCom here in York, PA, and 
>Cablevision of Boston/Brookline are not.)

R.W. Chadwick