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Re: Hyperlinks are not enough!

Who are you and what's your problem? Why don't you stop hiding behind those
initials? I think the request that both Garrett and I made is quite
reasonable. I don't have an "always on" Internet connection, and I imagine
that many others on the list also still use dialup modems. Before I go to go
to the trouble of logging on to follow a link, I'd like to have a clue about
what the link is going to tell me. There are many reasons besides the
copyright implications for posting links to articles and not posting the
complete text, but it's inconsiderate to just throw the links at people
without giving them a clue as to why you are doing so. And as Garrett
pointed out, those who read the postings in the archives (but in some cases,
even people who don't read their mail for a couple of days) are likely to
find that the link has expired and will be left wondering why the poster
supplied the link. Is it _so_ difficult to provide a sentence or two that
summarizes the article's main points?


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>rant, rant, rant.....
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>> Reading the list has become an exercise in frustration.
>> Too many people are posting too many messages that
>> contain nothing more than a hyperlink and a title.
>> Garrett has already posted that messages containing
>> hyperlinks should also include a brief synopsis of the
>> material to be found by following the link. A synopsis
>> is NOT a quotation and you violate no copyrights by
>> summarizing in your own words.
>> I guess too few people read Garrett's posting. I hope
>> that this message serves as a reminder to those who
>> missed it.