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Re: forgotten WMEX djs

Do you remember Len Libman (he used that name--his real name--on WORL and
WTAO but was later Len Lawrence--not to be confused with Bill Lawrence--on
WEEI-590 in its all-news days). Len did a short stint at WMEX at 70
Brookline Ave as Michael J Rhodes Jr. When he started with the station, not
long after Mac and Dickie took it over, he was told, possibly by Mac
himself, that his air name would be Mike Rhodes because they wanted a DJ
with the same initials as Mac's. Len, who I think was still a BU student at
the time, said that Mike Rhodes just sounded to vanilla and generic to him,
so he added the J and the Jr. I never heard anyone else use that name or the
vanilla version on WMEX.


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Subject: forgotten WMEX djs

>I found an old copy of New England Scene magazine, today, from 1968, and it
>listed the announcers at some of the local stations.  At WMEX, it listed
>one I had forgotten about-- Dale Wheba.  Since we had discussed "house
>names" recently, that was his real name, I assume... I wonder whatever
>happened to him...