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Jack Raymond Exits WEIM

WEIM Fitchburg MA, which was sold a few months back to David Wang, has added
Dr. Joy Browne's syndicated show in the 10AM- Noon slot that until recently
was occupied by longtime WEIM personality Jack Raymond, who left WEIM in
mid-April after over 30 years at the station. According to an archived on
line article from the Fitchburg Sentinel and Enterprise, Raymond explains
that he left the station to spend more time with his family, and he had been
off the air for a month and working in sales prior to his departure from
WEIM in mid-April.

For those who would like to find the article in the paper's archives, the
URL is:

www.sentinelandenterprise.com    go to the archive search and type in Jack
Raymond for the key words. That's how I found the article.

Mark Watson