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Re: Jim Baker, WEEI, and AM 1510

As far as Andleman goes, I doubt he'd jump ship.  The marketing opportunities he
has with WEEI and the hot dog safari are invaluable.  He's also been around long
enough to know that 1510 is a dog frequency, and he would not have the same
exposure and clout there that he has at 850.  Sure, he doesn't get along with
Ordway and the Celtics are probably gone, but there are few plusses, and many
minuses, to going to 1510.

I'm not so sure about the Globe ban being lifted anytime soon.  This is a
glorified pissing match between Dan Shaunessey, who is a sports editor at the
paper, and Glen Ordway. The Globe ban with the Big Show has been in place for a
couple of years.  The paper extended the ban to Dennis and Calahan last week.
In response, WEEI management told the Globe that they could not "pick and
choose" which EEI programs their writers could appear on.  Basically, it's
either allow all shows access to Globe writers, or they will not appear on WEEI
at all. With Jerry Calahan and the Herald writers being firmly entrenched at
WEEI plus the fact that the station itself advertises heavily in the Herald, the
Globe has no compelling reason to let it's sportswriters back on the station.
With 1510 retooling and 1200 potentially coming on-line later this year, there
will be other outlets for the Globe writers.

Mike Thomas

Mike_ed wrote:

> The only scenario that I could see Andleman leaving WEEI would be IF WEEI
> loses both the Red Sox and the Celtics games as the flagship.  Other than
> that, I don't think Andleman is that stupid that he would commit career
> suicide by leaving for another in town competitor.  Having said that, this
> feud between WEEI and the Globe makes for good publicity if nothing else and
> don't be a bit surprised if some truce is announced ( especially if they do
> get wooed on 1510 ) and the Globe scribes will be back on WEEI in no time.