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Re: Jim Baker, WEEI, and AM 1510

--- Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:

> But here's the real interesting news: According to the Boston Sports Guy site
> (www.bostonsportsguy.com), Eddie Andleman is jumping ship from WEEI's A Team to handle afternoon
> drive on 1510 AM (which relaunched today as Sporting News Radio) to compete with Ordway, and the
> newly-unemployed Baker would be his co-host. This is rather ironic, since Baker and Andleman
> (then at WHDH) had an all-out feud 10-12 years ago which actually ended up dominating the
> Herald's sports pages for a day or two. 

It's not news, it's just a hot rumor(Eddie-to-1510) that Bill
'BSG' Simmons has been printing since Vulcan bought AM 1510
last November. I read his zine almost every day and this item
keeps reappearing. Why would The Sporting News which brands
itself on journalistic credibility and integrity would add
a local show with Baker and Andelman?! 

Andelman is a smart guy. He knows what's good for him.
Plus, WEEI is already promoting his annual Hot Dog event
on May 20th(it's even mentioned on Entercom's corporate
extranet). So, he's not going anywhere for at least 2 months...

Also, if you were going to bring in a name host, isn't there a
knowledgeable talent pool of local hosts still available? Mike
Adams(no contract) or former ch.4 sportscaster Bob Neumeier?

If we were to see a local show started on AM 1510, it would
probably evolve from their current 'Patriots Monday' format
with writers like Jim Donaldson, Will McDonough and host
Butch Stearns. You could also see 'banned from 'EEI' Boston
Globe scribes like Bob Ryan or Michael Holle get added...I
don't think they would ever go for Baker.

If a serious sports publication like the Sporting News
is going to take on 'EEI with a daily local
angle, it won't be with a talk about hot dogs and
all-you-can-eat-buffets in Vegas and taking shots at
stations that dissed Eddie over the years...


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