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Re: Cape Cod Changes?

I just heard the DJ of the blues show on WWKJ (that I didn't even know
existed) mention "93-5, The Vault". 101.1 has been running promos all day
telling listeners to switch to 93.5 for classic rock.

- Keith Barry

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> A new GM took over the Boch stations in February.  Rodney Rainey was with
> Clear Channel (I believe) in Texas.  I anticipate a host of changes, as
> Ernie has named him PRESIDENT (not V.P.) of Boch Broadcasting. Time will
> tell how long Ernie can keep his hands out of it, though. Will let you
> I hear.  As you know, newsman Chris Barnes has departed for Washington.
> Ed
> >Those other trade publications are reporting a host of staffing changes
> >Boch's Cape Cod stations -- and along with it, two call changes: WYST
> >to WDVT (an old Philly call!) and WWKJ 101.1 to WTWV.
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