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Re: French speaking in Maine

John Bolduc wrote:
>WKBR used to have, and may still have a French music program on Sunday
>mornings at around 7-8 AM. I was kind of amazed how much of this program I
>understood compared to Maurie Parent on WMVU.

You're probably thinking of Joe Maltais.  Nice guy.  I think he's moved to
WFEA.  Joe's show (at least when he was on KBR) wasn't strictly French, but
no English.  Once heard him play a French comedy sketch.  That was weird.  

I remember growing up in Vt. in the mid-late 60s...lots of stations had a
polka show Sunday mornings.  Only one I know of now is on 1150 in
Middletown, Conn.  WMRD?  Simulcast on another frequency from Old Saybrook.
 So corny it's entertaining.  Don't get down that way much anymore...anyone
live in the Hartford area who could roll tape on it for me sometime?