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Re: French speaking in Maine

WMVU in Nashua, 900 AM, last I checked still has a Franco-American program on
the week-end, hosted by Maurie Parent. Maurie also does a golden oldie

WKBR used to have, and may still have a French music program on Sunday
mornings at around 7-8 AM. I was kind of amazed how much of this program I
understood compared to Maurie Parent on WMVU. Of course, I have trouble
understanding Maurie when he speaks English.

My dad, growing up in Nashua, did not speak English until around the age of
7. First two grades of school were taught in French. I didn't speak any
French until High School and a subsequent trip to Europe.

My last trip to Lewiston (early 1990's) reminded me what Nashua's main street
sounded like in the 1960's. Nashua also had a good sized Greek, Polish, and
Lithuanian population. Jimmy and Helen Lagios used to do a considerable
amount of Greek programming on the old WOTW 900AM/106.3FM. Their
grand-daughter was once news director at WKXL in Concord.

John Bolduc

50% Franco-American. 
50% Scottish/Penobscot. 

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