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Re: 89.3 pirate on yet again

Bob Nelson...WMWM wrote,

> Once again, it's about 3 am and the 89.3 pirate in
> Beverly is back..."SCTV" comedy sketches, some
> foul-mouthed songs and comedy, and offbeat music.
> Once in awhile a "DJ" mentions "we've got a nor'easter
> here, lot of high winds..."

Yup, I heard it for the first time this morning (also at
3am)--but it was already gone when I just checked again at 5am.

(On an unrelated note, I don't know if it was just
 maintenance/testing, wx related xmtr problems or
 automation FUBAR, but 102.1/105,3 was with a dead
 carrier, mixed with a repeating 3-4 seconds set of

> Thought it may be emanating from near Endicott
> College but as I drove toward Endicott the signal
> got weaker, leading me to believe maybe it's
> coming out of Salem somewhere?

Up here in the "Henry's Market"-"Shore Country Day
School"-"Kittridge (sp?) Crossing" area of North Beverly, it
is (was) BOOMING in:  If it was a Boston station, I would say
it was 100KW strong--certainly coming in a lot stronger than
WMWM's 130w Salem signal, so, based on a 10-100w output, my guess
is it's up here in a Brimball Ave-Colon St-Elliott St-McKay
St-Rt.128 perimeter of Beverly:

                        (to zoom in: <25000;  zoom out: >25000)