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I think _old_ New WMEX is confusing, since the _original_ New WMEX was on
1510 from the late 50s until probably 1979. I'd call the 1060 incarnation of
WMEX the most recent New WMEX. When and if someone re-re-re-resurrects the
WMEX calls in this market, we'll have to come up with a new adjective for
Alex Langer's incarnation--probably 1060 WMEX.

Yes, Syatt was on 1060 WMEX for, I think, four whole weeks last fall. There
was a lot of hoopla and a quick exit. I'm pretty sure that that incarnation
of the show _was_ brokered, because most of the weekend fare on WMEX (and
its current incarnation, WBIX) is brokered. In fact, the financial format
all day Monday thru Friday on WBIX is brokered.

And for Dick Syatt buffs (why would _anyone_ be a Dick Syatt buff?), the
original Boston version of his dating show appeared on the original New WMEX
1510 sometime in, I'd guess, the late 60s or early 70s. I think Syatt
invented the concept when he was working in Dallas and brought it with him
when he moved back to Boston.

I guess you can't knock the dating show and the singles dances too much; the
idea has supported Syatt for close to 30 years. But once the novelty wore
off, the show sure was _awful_ radio--especially when Syatt would ask the
callers for information they had provided no more than 30 seconds before. He
simply was so bored with what he was doing that he didn't even listen to the
callers. And I rather doubt that anyone, except perhaps Syatt's wife, would
call his personality sparkling.


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>I could have sworn he had a show on the old new WMEX (1060 to those who
can't keep track anymore).