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RE: 937-The Buzz and Hartford dancin' oldies

>rocktheglobe wrote:
>CBS owns 93.7 in Hartford according to their web site -- maybe this "Hot
>93.7" thing is a fakeout, or maybe the "Buzz" is misdirection...

        Maybe I should have said coincidence with "the buzz" thing going on
in Boston. I don't get the fakeout comment about Hartford. You mean an
interim format before something else? Could be, although my first take on
it would be not.  They're on with the fake listener call-ins saying how
great the new format is within a few hours of flipping. Turns out it's not
jockless for long, as the same morning team, J.D. Houston (who just
declared, "Change is good") and Nancy Barrow, is back on today.

        One of their liners is "blazin' at least 18 songs in a row." The
hip-hop/soul format that has been on suburban WNTY (AM) here since last
year calls itself "blaze 9-90." You never know, but I'm not sure what other
niche WZMX would try for. My guess is they want to keep some of what they
had, take a little from WKSS and WKCI and pick up a lot of the audience
from the local AMs doing similar formats.